The Night They Knocked is an unnerving horror film that blends elements of a home invasion thriller with classic slasher horror.

Writer/Director Sean Roberts brought his love for the horror genre and combined it with his history of dramatic storytelling to create this micro-budget independent feature film.

The Night They Knocked was created, funded and produced entirely in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Producers Roberts, Evan Freeman and Davron Mananov took on the challenge of crafting this terrifying story from script to screen.

The cast of the film is compiled of actors hailing from both Los Angeles and New York City, with backgrounds in film, theater and stand-up comedy.

The Night They Knocked (2020)

Writer/Director: Sean Roberts

Producers: Evan Freeman, Davron Mananov, Sean Roberts

Executive Producers: George Snyder, Jonathan Kobryn

Cast: Jack Buckley, Rachel Donahue, Brendan Donegan, Linnea Gregg

Full Cast/Crew list available at IMDb: